Energybuildireland, Serving the renewable energy market since 2005

Energy Build Ireland, based in Wexford, is the brainchild of Pat Dooley, who has pioneered the company as an outlet which provides all types of renewable and sustainable energy.

From wind turbines to energy efficient buildings and from biomass fuel burners to eco-friendly playgrounds and activities, Energy Build Ireland provides expert advice, solutions and installation.

“I set up the company four years ago, I'm from a mechanical engineering background myself, when I saw that the whole landscape of renewable and sustainable energy was beginning to open up but there is still a lot that needs to be done in terms of understanding what renewable energy can achieve and how we can best harness it, that's what Energy Build is all about.”

Our staff has grown from just two to seven today and we believe that Energy Build Ireland will continue to be a success because we have the expertise and most importantly, the cost effective solutions, that are the prime driver in any transactions in the current market.

We don't charge consultancy fees, because we know from working in large engineering projects that our hands on approach delivers the best value for money.

With Energy Build Ireland, we can provide energy efficient structures with the unique NUDURA building system and can also look at wind energy solutions for local authorities or private investors. In short, if you need advice and cost effective solutions when it comes to any aspect of sustainable or renewable energy, talk to Energy Build Ireland today.”